Research & Extension

Mode of Implementation of Research & Extension activities

  1. The Society is involved in different data generation activities including trials on adoption of new Agril. Technologies to develop farmers economy AND to strengthen LIVELY HOOD support system
  2. The society acts in close association & collaboration with Agriculture Department, NABARD, Agricultural University, KVK, ICAR and other International organizations like International Potato Centre, International Rice Research Institute, CYMMIT .
  3. The Society has been working with an aim to Conduct trials & Demonstration on modern technology/ new crops/cropping sequence & new varieties of Rice, Potato, Wheat, Maize and other crops
  4. To conduct cluster Demonstration under BGREI/NFSM/NMOOP in farmers group approach in collaboration with different stake holders of Agriculture & alllied sectors
  5. To promote the formation of Farmers club/FIGs/FPOs and to build up this capacity to act as facilitator to  drip down the benefit of various International Organizations, Government & Public-Private sponsored projects & Schemes among the farming people in rural areas.
  6. To help farmers to produce, market & sale of their own produces in specific brands including agriculture inputs like Bio agents/seeds/herbal plant protection inputs/Organic manures.
  7. Promotion of new technology like potato seed production under low cost temporary net houses in North Bengal,Raising seedlings through Micro pot,System of Assured Rice Production in Kharif [SARP (K)],System of Assured Rice Production in Boro (SARP (Boro),Zero Tillage in Maize,other resource conservation technology & strategies for assured and increased production through Climate-Resilient Cultivation technique in collaboration with Dept. of Agriculture and Horticulture.
  8. Production of Vegetable crops through Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) & gradually converting the same in organic farming and to develop marketing channel with the introduction of Organic Stall concept by cluster approach.