Governing Body

Sl. No. Position Name
a) Secretary Mr Bharat Sharma
b)  President Mr.Kaushik Halder
c) Assistant Secretary Mr Jayanto Bhaduri
d) Vice  President Nasima Parvin
e) Treasurer Shyam Charan Das
f) Co-Ordinator Paritosh Roy
g) Executive Member Mrs.Sumita Halder
h) Executive Member Mr. Sahidar Rahamanh
i) Executive Member Mr. T.K. Bhattacharya
j) Executive Member Mr. Anadii Bhusan Barman
k) Executive Member Mr. Dasarat Das
l) Executive Member Mr. Ratan Barui
m) Executive Member Mrs Bratty Sarkar

As per resolution taken in our general body meeting as held on 09.12.2018 at Cider Apartment with the presence of efforts taking active members who are actively working for the over all development of the society. Society also resolved that only active members will be involved now onward.